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Fitness West       250-545-0606
Fitness West gym is located at 2203 Highway 6 in Vernon, B.C. Fitness west gym offers flexible membership plans as well as a referral program. At fitness West gym you will be able to not only weight train on their modern equipment, but you can alos join a fitness class like Zumba or Meltdown. Fitness west gym also has as full complement of personal trainers and fitness instructors.

Ladies World       250-545-0611
Ladies World Health and Fitness Gym is a ladies only fitness center. The ladies world gym is a relaxing environment for your workout or fitness class. Ladies World gym has state of the art equipment and a professionally trained staff to help you archive your fitness goals. For new members, they also feature a 7 day, trial membership program. Ladies World Health and Fitness in located in the heart of Vernon, B.C.



  Vernon BC fitness centres and gyms offer a wide array of fitness programs and fitness equipment. Vernon’s top rated gyms are seen above. These gyms in Vernon BC offer various weight training programs and cardio workouts like Zoomba. Personal trainers are also available at these gyms

Gyms in Vernon BC

Vernon area fitness centers offer personal trainers to help you achieve the health and physical fitness you want. With a variety of fitness and training programs available like  weight training exercises, workouts for fat loss, training for muscle gain or just getting your heart rate up. Some of the Vernon BC Gyms listed here as the best places in Vernon to work out are Fitness West, Breakaway Fitness, Okanagan Boot camp, Ladies World, Curves Vernon and Dimensions Fitness.

Vernon fitness gyms versus training at home?

  When you attempt to train at home, the odds of you achieving your health and fitness goals are reduced. When you train in the atmosphere of a gym, you are surrounded by like mind people with similar goals to your own. This can help keep you on track with your own fitness program or routine by inspiring you follow through and achieve your goal like your follow gym members are doing. A gym membership is another way of committing to following through with your fitness goals. Its to easy to just keep skipping your workout at home.