Weather in Vernon BC

   The weather in Vernon BC is perfect for both summer and winter activities. Vernon is renowned for its hot dry summer weather as well as its moderate winter weather, perfect for sking at Silver Star mountain.

 Vernon Weather Forecast sites listed:

 The sites listed here provide a variety of weather details for the Vernon area. You will be able to find a current temperature for Vernon BC, as well as a 5 day forecast for Vernon BC and a 7 day forecast for Vernon BC. The radar station located on Silver Star mountain is perfect for real-time updates on storms or rain moving through the North Okanagan. Also the weather station located at the Vernon yacht club gives live, real-time weather for Vernon BC. By looking at a number of the sites we have listed, you will get a good sense of not only the current Vernon weather forecast, but also the long term forecast for Vernon B.C. Every weather site has a different source for their weather information and by looking at a number of them you can get a good idea of what to expect for Vernon weather.

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